Monday, July 13, 2009

‘GOD is my trustworthy friend’ - Amrita Rao!

“I belong to the glamourous world of Bollywood, but I also belong to a world full of compassion and gratitude.

Bollywood teaches you to be indifferent and detached, but my religious thought processes equip me with confidence to survive the rat race and emerge as a winner with a magnetic aura.

Happiness for me is not a momentary state of hormonal highs, but a permanent state of blissful calm.

My life has not been a roller coaster ride of camouflaging expressions and thoughts.

We all believe in the faith we are brought up in, but I do not limit myself to religious barriers.

I celebrate each festival with an undying passion.

Happiness does not walk into your life. It’s a conscious decision you make to be happy or sad.

The toughest ordeal is to find pleasure in other people’s success.

Whilst I thoroughly enjoy my designer shopping sprees, I also enjoy a week-long visit to a holy place thronged by simple people.

Spirituality and religion are intertwined, in a way that from where one begins the other ends.

At the end of the day, it is important I fulfill my domestic obligations.

And yet introspect about life after death and the good deeds that will be credited in my heavenly bank balance.

Being spiritual for me is equivalent to being sexy.

I can be sexy and spiritual at the same time and yet stand out in a crowd.

Man has customised certain traditions to satisfy his own needs.

God cannot be confined to a particular religion or festival, he exists in the moment.

Your outlook to life defines who you are and what you do.

I enjoy a divine experience every day, but I don’t quantify it.

It is an experience that teaches me to believe that someone is protecting and guiding me at all times.

You need to nurture time in this relationship.

I remember God the most when I am in complete solitude, cut off from the entire materialistic world, and I show gratitude to Him.

My private world is a world devoid of flashy camera lights and designer makeup.

It is a quieter world that allows me to detach myself and evaluate my karmic connections.

It is a world where I am permitted to be myself and evaluate my actions.

My conversations with God are never-ending and my worldly queries never receive an instant answer from the Universe.

Unconditional prayers have given me an unseen force to anticipate a better tomorrow.

My connection with God is unbreakable.

God is my trustworthy friend, he transcends the unreal into real, the negative into positive, the unachievable into achievable.