Monday, July 13, 2009

Exclusive:'Rakhi Ka Swayamwar'

In her new show, ‘Rakhi Ka Swayamwar’, Rakhi Sawant has taken the decision to settle down, after selecting ‘Mr. Right’ on ‘National Television’.

There are many varied opinions on this curious step taken by the ‘Queen of Controversies’.

However, the fact that the show has generated immense interest and is a hit with all age - groups is indisputable.

While some say this is a mere publicity stunt, others feel it's much more than just that and cannot be dismissed off hand.

However, there could always be the option that she might end up not to marry anyone.

Though there are many who feel the show is meaningless.

We can claim those same people would be glued to their TV sets.

Not doubt of it it's a pretty popular show.

Specially for bachelors it's too entertaining to miss out on.

The show is going to be quite authentic too.

We don’t know whether or not she would marry one of the contestants after the incident which occurred with the Kashmiri guy.

Popularity wise, there are no second thoughts on it.

Love her or hate her, everyone wishes to know what's happening in Rakhi's life.

We all still don't believe in its authenticity.

It seems to be fake.

More or less we all are guess Rakhi wouldn't marry anyone eventually.

It's merely for publicity, not just for herself but also for the contestants.

They are making a mockery of marriage and the concept of swayamwar.

It is in very poor taste and I have no idea who would win ultimately.

We still think it is a completely orchestrated show.

Knowing Rakhi, anyone could comment that this is nothing but a ploy to be the centre of attention.

She has been known all along as someone who wants to gain people's sympathy.

About marrying someone, I am not even sure she would marry;

It is quite a popular show, but tends to get boring at times.