Thursday, October 21, 2010

M S Dhoni’s Wife Reveals Her Shocking Side!!!

Well, if you thought that Sakshi Rawat is the shy and demure beauty who has managed to steal the heart of the Indian skipper M S Dhoni, then here is something that might drop few jaws. Well…atleast the initial reaction has got many in shock and awe.

Apparently, a noted magazine has begun to circulate pictures showing a girl holding a cigarette and sporting a trendy outfit at a party. The claim is that it is Sakshi during her college days at a friend’s at the party. For now, no confirmation is given on this but those who looked at the pictures say that it is Sakshi.

The pretty girl is a hotel management graduate and given the rather glitzy lifestyle of the students, some say it is possible. However, there are those who say that it is just a morphed creation and Sakshi was never that type of girl. Whatever the truth may be, the reactions will be known in the days to come…