Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Kangna Ranaut's revenge


A day's shoot was cancelled, but Kangna wasn't informed until much later. Next day, she reported to sets late, keeping everyone waiting.
There is major stress on the sets of Tezzz in London. Last week, a day's shoot was called off due to sudden rains. 

While Ajay Devgn knew about this, Kangna Ranaut wasn't informed till much later and she was livid. 
The actress made her manager fire the production in-charge, and kick up a fuss about her not being informed sooner, leaving her to cool her heels at the hotel all day. 

Making a point

According to the source, "The following day, Ajay and Kangs were to shoot in Birmingham, but she reported late on the set, to make a point. She kept the entire cast and crew waiting for her." 

The actress' spokesperson denies anything of the sort happened, "Kangna is one of the most professional actresses going around and only under extenuating circumstances would she ever be late. 

If it rains and shooting got cancelled why would she have problems and throw a tantrum? She would have been happy to have gone shopping, like she did everyday after pack-up." 

Target of malice

She then adds that the actress was late on the concerned day as there was no water in the hotel. "She was late just one day because there was no water in her hotel. 

Finally she left for the shoot without taking a shower as she didn't want to keep the cast and crew waiting. Some person on the sets is out to malign her and are planting stories about her."

The Producer's Version

Producer Ratan Jain says, "We have been shooting for the last 12 days and lost a few hours in the evening because of rain. 

But Kangna wasn't required for those scenes only Ajay Devgn was." But he has a different version on why Kangna was late the next day.

"It was a temple sequence and she was to get ready as a bride. I think she must have got late because of the bridal make-up and sari takes time.

She was just late by half an hour. These small things happen all the time. There was no problem at all. Why should I blame anybody? 

In fact, Kangna has been very cooperative and professional through the shoot. I am very happy working with her." Tezzz also stars Anil Kapoor and Sameera Reddy.

Source: Mid Day