Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Aakrosh is a beautifully shot, nuanced film: Devgn

If there is one word that describes versatility in Indian cinema, it has to be Ajay Devgn. Not blessed with matinee idol good looks, Devgn has had to work hard for what he's got. And what he's got is one of the most impressive CVs in Bollywood history. Even the most casual fan of cinema would recall his debut flick Phool Aur Kaante, Hum Dil De Chuke Sanam, Golmaal and Omkara. It's the type of genres he taps into that has made him successful.
Over the course of nearly two decades, Ajay Devgn has established himself as one of the most respected and iconic screen actors in history. This is a position he's achieved both through the relentless perfectionism of his approach to his work, and the ferocity with which he protects his private life. Apart from the very occasional tabloid snippet, we hear nothing about the man, only ever seeing him when he's playing someone else - which is, of course, exactly how he wants it to be
Ajay Devgn talks about a wide range of topics - his upcoming film, Aakrosh, director Priyadarshan, his issues, his country, Aakrosh co-stars and the Golmaal team.
My director: the visionary Priyadarshan
While working with Priyadarshan, I've come to know that Aakrosh is one of the most beautifully shot films I've been a part of. He understands small nuances so well. No matter how many comedy films Priyan has made, his forte is realistic films with a message. His forte is films like Aakrosh.
My country, my issues
Yes, as a citizen of India, we are lacking behind in a lot of things. It is happening due to some sort of corruption we have in our system, and what's worse is the fact that we've accepted that too. With the kind of intelligence and the people we have and the kind of people we are, we could be ruling the world.
My research
I haven't done any research for Aakrosh but whatever I've been reading in the papers, it's so sad. The film is about one incident and how the CBI tries to solve it in spite of resistance. The most powerful people in the areas affected support honour killing. So what can one do to stop it is what the film is all about.
My audience
The audiences are aware of what's happening outside the world of films too. They read the newspapers; watch the news on the television and so on. The intelligence of the audiences has changed. They have become more literate. Their exposure to international cinema and television is highly commendable too. So Aakrosh is going to be a film which will attract intelligent audiences.
Even before the shot I was not sure what I'll do and how I'll do it. It is my instincts and it has always worked for me. If I get into method acting, I won't deliver. It's great if actors can pull it off but I can't.
My genres
I'm trying to do everything. I'm not boycotting anything as far as my choices are concerned. I do an action film and then again switch back to comedy, then again a drama, a romantic film, etc. But the intention is that the audiences want to see a different actor than a different character sometimes. For me, if I keep doing the same old thing, there is no fun working.
My co-star: Akshaye Khanna
Akshaye Khanna and I did a film with Urmila called Deewangee. He is a fabulous actor. He is controlled and delivers whatever you tell him to. I don't know somewhere maybe he is lost but he is a brilliant actor we have in our industry.
My friend, my mentor: Kumar Mangat
Kumar Mangat has been with me ever since I started. He started off as my secretary with Phool Aur Kaante. He creatively understands the project and gives a free hand to the director if he backs it as a producer, which is very important. He is co-producing my next film with Madhur Bhandarkar titled Dil Toh Bachcha Hai Ji. He has grown by leaps and bounds.
My Production House
Actors make a production house not just to do business. They try and make cinema they believe in. All the actors who have their production houses won't produce eight films in a year. There is no comparison between studios like UTV and actors like me and many others who've started. For the big studios it's business but for us, it's the passion.
My London fans 
If people in the UK compare me to Sanjeev Kumar saab's versatility, then it's nothing but their love for me which I reciprocate to in form of versatile films I do. I hope not to let my fans in London down and will always ensure to push the envelope in each of the films I do. At the moment, my London fans can get ready for the most hilarious Diwali they've ever witnessed in form of Golmaal 3.
My inspiration: Paresh Rawal 
Paresh Rawal is one of the greatest actors of today's time. Words aren't enough to describe him. Working with a man of such intense and humorous sensibilities make you wonder how he can ever do it so simply. But a lot of dedication and hard work goes behind it. If you look at him, you feel he is taking acting not so seriously but that's what makes him a genius.
My family...Rohit Shetty
Rohit Shetty is a part of my family since twenty years. If Golmaal is working since it all began four years ago, then I don't understand why Rohit should think anything else besides Golmaal, as of now. Of course, once Golmaal 3 finishes, he will move on. But Rohit has learnt the knack of entertaining people over the years which have resulted in good grosses. As long as he has got the right script he is doing great. You can't tell your director to change his style. He should keep on doing what he thinks works for him till he runs out of ideas.
My second directorial film
I am working on a script right now which I don't want to discuss too much about at the moment. I need a little time to make my second directorial debut and need six months off but I don't have time right now. I am looking at the end of next year to kick start the proceedings.